Personal webmaster diligent and not diligent

I have always felt that I was a very lazy person, every day I hope to get up at 9, and sleep at night before 12. Because it is relatively healthy life, IT is hard at the computer every day time is long, the computer radiation on the human body great harm, if enough sleep can make up, at least more sleep the skin well, IT women in particular should pay attention to Oh, ha ha.

two, single station, probably because of busy work, work environment isolation, direct contact with the opposite sex less chance, so the physical and psychological damage is very serious.

three, and the general webmaster diet is not normal, it is no one to take care of themselves, two is also quite a day to remember if you eat a meal, do not remember if you wait to starve, starving when grab something to eat to eat.

four, webmaster at the computer, also exposed to radiation, affecting the next generation is not to say, but also affect the eyesight.

five, owners exercise less, exhausted, emaciation with sallow complexion.

six, the most sad is, day and night to pay, not only without any return, can only look forward to the future, but also for the immediate access fee, host, domain name server, the rental cost of the station is also There are plenty of people who bother.

In many of the


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