Taobao sellers how to optimize the baby’s popularity rankings

"popularity" is ranked "extending all the baby" ranking, that is still based on the search term, as long as our baby in the title, with accurate keywords buyers search, our baby will have the opportunity to be displayed. Based on the law of Taobao search shows only one of the above, popularity ranking and search baby rankings show that the law is the same, follow the above search shows.

a popular ranking analysis

why Taobao should default to popularity rankings? This is not going to break new sellers? It is not, the popularity ranking is more conducive to the selection of higher quality baby buyers in the shopping, we buy things on the Internet, but also the spirit of the baby the best shops let more sellers buy ideas, so the popularity ranking if we as a perfectly logical and reasonable, the store owner can not create a popular baby, then we open shop to go long road. So don’t complain about the popularity ranking is not to give a new seller opportunity, as long as we work hard management, combined with the effective method, we can also emerge in the popularity ranking baby. The seller will complain a lot of heart to heart is the seller’s popularity ranking is not fair, regardless of the size of the shop, as long as there is no accumulation of popularity, is the same failure, the popularity ranking is only in the mind of consumers an ideal place, our shop is not open to consumers? So, don’t complain, since we are in the Taobao business, employment must be prepared to work hard, get along the direction of the development of Taobao. Popular baby must be a good baby, it can not be denied that the popularity of baby is indeed a good baby, they have the characteristics of large sales, high praise. Only by consumers like the product can do this effect, if it is not popular baby’s good baby, we need to cultivate it to become popular baby.

two, the impact of popularity ranking factor

popularity ranking is based on all the baby rankings on a complex ranking rules. From the consumer’s point of view, it is not difficult to find factors affecting Taobao popularity rankings, ranking in addition to pay attention to "all the baby" ranking factors (window recommend, release time, consumer protection service), affecting the popularity ranking factors as well as the baby baby baby, sales, collection of views, store credit, shop favorable rate etc..

sales volume refers to the real transaction volume. We are not out of the brush, because there is a big difference between trading volume price out of the brush, must have a weekly or monthly turnover record, with a monthly turnover of IP recorded only once, but the actual transaction price of not less than 4/5 of the price of the baby.

collection popularity

refers to the buyers browse our baby, there is the desire to buy, but did not immediately buy, the first collection, easy to find this product more easily after the purchase.


refers to a week visit to change baby stray, browse times without IP constraints, a IP browser >

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