Under the line to discuss the convergence of the salon you may ask the 15 O2O problem


content according to the shift cable under discussion salon finishing, participants have done for the white-collar coffee O2O, has done the catering industry O2O, do O2O, do site reservation cosmetics chain of traditional enterprises, have done overseas tours of the O2O.

1, 5 years after the O2O market structure

large companies to do the general planning is to look at 3 – 5 years, in the last 3 – 5 years, which factors affect the market change, then need to change the layout of the key factors. For example, Ali stake in High German map, shares map etc.. The next five years, the O2O market is still there are 2, the 3 will become a platform level giant, followed by a large number of vertical class, geographical class of small and medium O2O platform, and finally a large number of businesses, service providers.

2, Internet companies will do O2O?

O2O relates to the industrial chain upstream and downstream too much, too much, O2O and personalized, regional characteristics, the company could not exhaustive, large companies will choose the basic products and services, such as payment data, basically do vertical industries do, may selectively do 1 – 2 A.

3, in the face of the impact of O2O, how will the traditional business operation?

with the development of O2O, more and more traditional businesses will embrace O2O, will use the Internet, new media, mobile phones and other new technologies, new models, embrace the change O2O.

4, the possibility of start-up companies where?

entrepreneurial opportunities are more in the vertical market segments, or regional market, do not rule out a large platform. Large companies have the advantages of talent and technology accumulation.

5, O2O way to make money?

way to make money is either a businessman, or a user is generally to the merchant fees, there are pumping, receiving service fees, promotional fees, hardware costs, etc..

6, O2O, jump how to do?


many O2O have encountered such problems, difficult. For example, before the laying of the word of mouth can swipe card hardware, brush word of mouth card, the effect is not ideal. Consider the binding of two-dimensional code + payment and other

7, Ali O2O planning?

Ali wireless will have 2 directions: services and life supporting services, service life is from the life of the latitude to carry shopping guide regional line, Baidu map is from the geographical latitude, dianping.com is from the business latitude.

Ali O2O: entrance + platform foundation (payment, data, etc.)

8, what is a good O2O model can learn and learn from


model is the most important pragmatic. Are now exploring.

9, O2O what is a good way to promote online