Adsense questioned Google Adsense malicious ban

The last time to participate in the general assembly in Xiamen, after listening to some of the publicity of Google, some of the interest in Google Advertising, to re apply for the Adsense (once in 2004, and later was somehow closed, did not do.) Done nearly half a month, according to account statistics, nearly a thousand dollars. Today I found out that advertising is not displayed, then mail received such a letter, holiday, really annoying.

The contents of the letter:

– publishers have to click on your own web page

– publishers encourage people to click on the ads

– automatically click the program or any other fraudulent software

– released any part of the business for any reason to modify the ad code, change the advertising layout, advertising, advertising or advertising positioning

if that behavior above or any other violation of the Google AdSense terms and plan policy, we may disable your account. To refer to terms and planning policies, please visit: Hl=zh_CN Hl=zh_CN Contact=invalid_clicks_appeal& hl=zh_CN