nnovation workshop Wang Hua Several pragmatic proposals for the new media entrepreneurial team


tiger sniffing note: this excerpt from innovation works founder and managing partner of Wang Hua in Tencent.com media forum to share, Wang Hua lecture on the theme "new media" mobile internet. Tiger sniffing excerpt one of the most important points: how to do

? How to make money?

how to use the mobile Internet to do the media


first, to do with the attitude of the product to do content

when we go to do a mobile Internet products, we will be the first one would like, is the first one I think the user group who is the product. I’m against them even if it is a group of users, such as he is not a very simple thing, a user can have a variety of needs, such as I, I may be as tall is demand, also have the demand according to the popular literature or art, what, for what I was the specific needs and specific scenarios.

finish this, then I will consider all my products, whether it is content or product, is aimed at the needs of this content to do. Then I do something, I will pass this issue, I will continue my iterative content and practice, I will use the data to make the data tracking, interview, then I’ll be true to the user guide for the purpose of my content correction produced continuously, my content itself and my content mode of delivery. So the way I do not know how to do is the traditional media, but the Internet side of our colleagues is actually plainly, is user oriented, rapid iteration, data driven.

two, with the attitude of the operation of the community to operate the reader and author

actually, in my opinion, as it is now, as mentioned, the lines between the producer and the reader are very, very vague. You may be a potential reserve of the author and content producers each reader in broad sense, and everyone has to the media you read on the content, he may need is not just a one-way information received, he may need is a two-way one exchange, the need for a the sense of belonging to the community, the need for a content into the interpretation of the two time I need a real information, I feel alive in the group of a group of peers in the sense of common sense.

, for example, is exactly the same thing, you see a news on micro-blog itself is no different, but was added after the 140 interpretation is not the same. All the media in my opinion is the two yuan community, that is, when it is not the same as the point of view of a completely equal one dollar community, in fact, is a community of authors and readers of the community. There is an interaction between the reader and the author, there is interaction between readers and readers are likely to become the author, and you have to be good to maintain the ecological community, the two yuan of liquidity, real activity, to guide and management, to cultivate the author and the reader. To cultivate the interaction between them.

three, used to do stream >