Find the guest experience sharing on Taobao

first commodity selection

do Taobao guest, you must have a promotion direction. Of course, all the goods are not to be promoted, but for the early stage, will cause a lot of work to the webmaster, and the effect is not obvious. The best way is to find a less competitive keywords, but must have the potential. This requires Taobao customers to look ahead to the market. Just as a weight loss brand L-carnitine, the first discovery of some of the goods Taobao customers believe that the income is very amazing, so do not choose the gas products. There are two ways, first, choose a long-term and stable goods, such as clothing and shoes, these goods will need people all the time, so there has been no purchase; second can be based on your choice of study some goods such as a certain potential era, such as health care, these products are often in short term will cause great purchases, if you can hold all of these products, the income will naturally be nothing difficult.

second keyword selection

first, you need to know what kind of keywords is suitable for you, what kind of keywords can bring you benefits, that is, income. The most commonly used method is to search the index Baidu keyword search volume. New sites, do not choose keywords heat is too high, because these words are some very high weight website to take old but can not find the key words; the heat is too low, so although good rankings, but did not even ranked first for you to bring many benefits.

at the same time, the most important thing to do is not to Taobao every day to the number of IP, but can give you how much conversion rate (that is, how many people visit your links every day and buy). With this in mind, your keywords should be consistent with the product you are promoting. Another point here, for example, if you do is slimming products, then you should choose not only with "diet" Related words, in addition, "how to lose weight", "how to lose weight good effect the long tail keywords is also a good choice, has become more and more love some Taobao customers this competition period webmaster keywords


third select stable platform

platform here, refers to the user access to your Taobao customer links through the channels. For example, some people through BLOG, some people through their own web site, some people even through advertising to release. No matter what channels, stability is a very important part. So that visitors can be normal and smooth access to your pages and links, so as to have the possibility to earn commissions, so the stability and speed of the platform is not much to say. Here emphasize something that need to pay attention to their own web site. First of all, the choice of space must be careful, to search the Internet on your choice of space business review. At the beginning of the space is not necessarily much more independent, but must be fast and stable. Although do not rule out cheap products, do not choose too cheap