The only CPL advertisers baby mom formally launched!

. The advertiser Name: baby mother network (

. Advertisers: baby mother network brings together in Japan, South Korea’s most advanced talent children teaching methods, the introduction of overseas advanced and unique ideas and content,

through the Internet and advanced multimedia technology, fast, convenient and interesting content to the Chinese nation’s young generation.

is happy to "learn" in the game for the purpose of mining potential intelligent learning, extensive knowledge, independent thinking, understand the Confucian civilization, cultivate team spirit.

provides a variety of quality education through the baby’s mother’s website to help Chinese children in a relaxed and happy learning atmosphere,

to establish a good behavior habits, hobbies and ideological and moral values, improve the child’s intelligence, emotional and ability, and other aspects of the overall quality.

type: CPL

on.The definition of

. A valid registration: complete the registration page, and fill in your real email address.

. The Commission Standard: 1 yuan / registered

. The settlement period:


. The data return mechanism: real-time return

* advertising review mode: manual review

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