Looking for money to partner 300 start-up companies given the five step Entrepreneurship

Cherry2002 joined the Alibaba, has accumulated more than ten years of experience in human resources management, has more than and 300 Internet start-ups to provide organizational development, corporate culture and talent development service, now in a new platform, specially provided services for entrepreneurs. In the following, Cherry introduces five steps of entrepreneurship and team building.

How to find a partner of

do not know if we have not seen the YC venture camp, YC is the best incubator in the United States, they first look at the investment team. If you are a CEO you should have the following 4 characteristics: students, rootless, ignorant fearless, enthusiasm. These 4 aspects I explain one by one:

classmate: if you are going to start a business, you should be a classmate, you can be a classmate, colleague, partner, you can see your character, which is an evaluation of the entrepreneurial team of investors.

no root: in order to start a business, you can be very self you moved from the city to another city, which you can see the big business is not big.

fearless: no matter how experienced you are, you should have the audacity of the ignorant.

passion: any time there is passion, passion behind the hunger, enthusiasm, there may be money, there may be a thing to do have a sense of hunger.

more than four points is to assess the founder’s mentality is not ready, this is the core step of entrepreneurship.

second step is how to find a partner.

first of all, you should have entrepreneurial spirit, rather than working mentality, which is entrepreneurial mentality. Partner with you in the ability, knowledge structure, personality is complementary, a product of a technology, may be such a partner. Must be like-minded, entrepreneurial direction must be the two of you want to do. The team’s technology, operations, products, must be complementary.

if you want to do a O2O chance today, online and offline, the team one should understand traditional industry rules or senior people, resources and familiar with the rules of the game + really understand the Internet industry, who do not matter to see leadership, leadership.

so, the first you want to make sure that you are a business person, second what is the criteria for your partner, the third point is landing: for example, if it is O2O, you should take what kind of team.

confirmed business model

China and the United States is not the same, in the United States YC incubation is full of mobile Internet applications, the final outcome is being acquired; and the Chinese market environment is not the same, there are three major opportunities in China:

first: China’s demographic dividend needs to upgrade, in the financial, real estate, education, life services, health care, recruitment, logistics and other 9 areas have a trillion business needs to upgrade. The essence of O2O is

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