Google Adwords let me earn 300 thousand

            I am now the occupation of foreign trade, the product is what the U disk, very common products, competitive general.

I think this forum has been a long time, before the account was not used, forgot the password, and then re apply for, I have not spoken, but recently we seem to view Adwords, generally jittery, alas hey Kenya, while the work boring, I want to talk about my views well, I recently got through Google AdWords earned 300 thousand, single is not, but I hope there is help.

some time ago, the boss asked me to choose the B2B platform to throw money as a member, he was a global resources across a meal, said to vote forty thousand, rejected me, I determined not to vote and Alibaba around the world, especially for our U disk what this company, there are thousands of Shenzhen now, money for membership to pay, finally I racked milk to half a day or not for any one B2B suggested that the boss, because now that I’m afraid mark, return on investment will be very bad, if money does not come back, I’m going to be the scapegoat.

I’m going to talk about how I got this single with Google adwords.

in the use of Google search things, I suddenly thought about some of the information on the Google adwords.

products can be very precise in front of your target customers, now the B2Bs, I really don’t know what to say, since Ma said the acquisition of Alibaba Yahoo to his search, visible we all know that sooner or later search to cover most of the B2B field, then why don’t I try it now (of course, in fact this is not the way to the new


I did it:

1 to buy space and domain name space is the server, it is necessary to measure the site, I bought the American space, because customers are foreigners, but the most important thing is to build multi station, convenient SEO, find the link, hard, buy domestic servers, network speed will be built after the station slow and many other issues, with the domestic space, people all know the belly, I had to use the domestic server of the website that a foreigner, open space and foreign garbled, cheap, good quality… Hey, foreign moon circle.

although I built many sites, but the function of foreign virtual space is now very strong enough, the United States has a lot of space, I read an article, then decided to buy the site, called (the name easy to remember it, is a look at the professional SEO) webmaster more enthusiasm is discussed, some Google AdWords of HA ha.

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