Why do you want to join in the ADMN5 advertising

some time ago bought a XX chain exchange system, a friend advised me that you are busy, or do not engage in that; I said Never mind, interested in it, and not to make money, I don’t need to spend so much time on it is! My friend said with a smile. Otherwise, you spend money on a A5 or 51LA advertising? Very cheap, more than one thousand months, as 10W IP a few days to come.

I Speechless, why do not exchange links, must spend money on advertising? I bought my own server, free of charge to the webmaster service is also no one? I’m not to make money, I do not want to spend money on advertising.

wanted to do a swap chain, including traffic exchange and trading, such as flow, also learn people buckle, experience the taste of the webmaster exploitation by colleagues; that is to say, I am a depressed, the program revised, remove the transaction flow, leaving only the traffic exchange.

at the same time, I removed all of the deduction amount and transaction set in the background, the global amount deducted 0%; 100% referral commission; this means that you promote a person to register, how many points in his contribution, you can get the number of points; you get more referrals, the integral is more also, hanging code if not on your website will also have Everfount flow. (of course, because it is early, so if you decide to sign up, or want to hang on to our code)

may not believe that some of these settings, but also to listen to those who do not want to switch the chain of ancestors swear, accustomed to the exchange of the chain of fraud and shameless. However, I would like to make a statement, I firmly do not deduct the amount, determined not to buckle!

I don’t know how to write this article for more than ADMIN5 owners have no attraction, because the ADMIN5 head of the advertising is what many IP how much money, I do not make money this exchange chain do not know to have what appeal to those owners. But I wrote the text, I just want to say, after all, small owners, no traffic to the garbage station in the majority, you don’t even have traffic, you join the swap chain, you are eligible to the amount you have taken? Qualification buckle up


some webmaster will say, I join those exchange chain, is to flow exchange, I do not make money early; and so he gave me more traffic, I engage in integral accumulation, I make money. I faint ah, in the buckle under the weight of what time you can experience the high return rate of


if you stand no less traffic, I welcome you to join the dormitory, chain, but today I just opened the station, basically no site, hope that we can support you, register, to put the code for several days, people more power, to put the code, I believe a few days back flow.

look at me (I don’t have the AD team, I’m just alone) commitment:


hope and

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