Wangzhuan like building brick to add

with the development of the Internet, more and more websites, do Wangzhuan also estimate the linear heating up, make money but rarely. We all feel very easy to do Wangzhuan, actually do Wangzhuan like houses, brick must add, if you are too impatient, so that the "house" foundation is bound to not be too strong, even small wind sways grass also have the risk of collapse. Today to share the general principle of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, because the range is very wide, these principles may not suitable for all sites, but to understand these basic ideas that after you will have a way of higher significance. Here is my point of view.

first, must be positioned, set goals: regardless of all walks of life, especially in the fierce competition in the Internet industry, a good site must be clearly targeted. The best can be refined to the niche market, if the site is too broad targeting goals, then the development of energy is too dispersed, and finally it may not have the same development. If you find a niche market, then these small market competition, it is easy to make a difference. Therefore, the development direction of the first step to do Wangzhuan is clear positioning their own website.

second, a good topic, suddenly said, the advantage: the best choice for a refinement of the industry to do fine, but in the end choose which line? We must first according to their own interests, and then look for these industries what others have done, what no one cares, go to search. Find your love can exert their own advantages, market competition is relatively small space in your industry is large, at the same time to ensure that there is practical value, if these three conditions are met, then congratulations, you have successfully taken the first step here.

third, check the opponent, do analysis: here refers to the study of the competitors to master enough information, whether it is against itself, or the industry itself, only you know enough, you can better carry out the promotion, as the saying goes after 100 – can also be used on the internet. In addition, you can also learn from your competitors to see what kind of model he is using, you and he compared to what advantages, as long as we carefully, you can learn a lot of things.

fourth, arrange, promote development: if you are a man of words, must arrange the time reasonably, because of personal webmaster workload is the biggest, need to do a lot of things, so efficiency is the first. And if it is the operation of the team, the lead should be clear about each person’s strengths and interests are what, to be clever arrangements, the role of each person to play the maximum, so that the benefits can be maximized. The atmosphere of the team is very important, do not put things on the players who are not interested in.

fifth, tune time, steady walk: do a website needs time is not long, but the flow is quite time-consuming. Do Wangzhuan, generally rely on high traffic, so there is no high traffic is not high income. But it can not be so anxious, a successful web site.

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