Golden Wangzhuan novice use blog Taobao guest Wangzhuan views

use blog Taobao guest Wangzhuan is very much, but also all kinds of. The exposure of some Taobao guest blog view push the monthly income of over 10000 very much, the monthly income of over thousand is too many to count. Recently found that many novice friends came to the golden Wangzhuan forum, most of them are just contact Taobao customer of Taobao Bay, but do not know what is not a terrible thing, after all, before beginning will only play games on the net and so on, and usually most of the Internet time is only for entertainment on the Internet, playing games, look at the video, QQ and so on. In fact, from the point of view of a lot of Taobao customers to share experience, the use of Taobao customers to make money is not difficult, the key is to identify a method, a skill to do.

What is the most suitable for new Taobao

that way? Of course is to use free blog to do good! Is one of these free blogs are readily available, we only need to apply for what you can, even get their own program time saved! But, here to speak briefly, most beginners will have such a a trouble is my articles are released, connected have, what is not to earn money?

look at a blog to make money flow:

post ==> import traffic to attract users to buy "= = = = = =" "the user clicks a link conversion Commission

we can find from the above a simple process, Taobao customers to make money is the key to the flow of conversion, that is, we say no one can not see, but some people do not look at the purchase is not enough. So, what are we going to do?

first, leave footprints everywhere

often go to various forums, blogs and so on local footprints, such as "my blog, welcome to visit one or two" many people see the message will visit to know, as the saying goes! At home by their parents, go out to rely on friends, and the use of the network for the higher we naturally want to will promote the maximum


second, have a good start. As the saying goes the beginning is half of success, when we can get to the blog promotion professional, what professional? Nature is to specific, such as I get this blog is for some consulting release Taobao shoes, then the name will cut directly, people can search, which is often said SEO!

third, multi content integration

We are used to release a

blog promotion connection, but we can not be directly released, for example, can help users to publish content, articles and so on, then at the bottom with some Taobao customers promotional posters, topics, etc. to expand the user’s field of vision, so that users feel good after reading the article naturally there will be a lot of buying opportunity. Here is also included in the articles listed below some previously published recommendations, so that users can have more choices! Good building, this paper from the original golden Wangzhuan Forum: http:>

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