Mobile phone ringtones of Canon money online version 1 (in)

mobile phone to make money online the sunflower ringtones version 1 (in)

assassin · first in the map of the king of the webmaster network, the original article, reprint please keep this article complete


Thanks to

behind the canon (on) (set for some reason they may be refined to Canon 4 words have deep feelings), thank you CCTV, thank you MTV, thank you…. In the first part of the message, a friend said I is selfless, I actually have ulterior motives, selfishness is to strengthen the assassin several projects (Tesco, palm show, business media, business assassin software) status and signs, however, if the selfish if you can help more people, then why not better what?


in the beginning. Suitable for senior webmaster promotion of various products, not limited to ringtones. Daily profit of less than 1000 yuan, or take a look at the heart.


two, with the brain to make money


            this is the lowest cost, and the most effective way to promote. People with the brain is smart, too lazy, with love instead of handwork, love to buy or download free or write their own weapons "". With the brain to make money is also the most pattern. This article is regarded as the 1 version, think of where to write it, and so on are finished three, and then focus on the next. 2 to improve the illustrations and recommend what software.


            the essence is to make money online, do business, do the allied product purchase is from the union, then sell the essential means of doing business, is to call, the written language is "promotion". Wine is also afraid of deep alley, it is a good thing, not to call, also selling bad. Look at the Internet call way, nature and traditional business are the same. Don’t be confused by the complexity of the outside world, see things directly to see the essence, and nature is often the most simple truth.


            (a) mass promotion


l            QQ group: this can be divided into three kinds of software

a)             one is to send their own QQ friends, acquaintances money also earned, really… Without words;

b)    >

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