On the Baidu statistical test version of the notice on the line

Baidu alliance members, Hello:

Baidu statistical system test version was formally launched on November 1, 2007.


system (http://s.tongji.baidu.com) is to understand the statistical analysis of Web site operators, and the promotion effect of user powerful intelligent tool is by far the most comprehensive and authoritative, accurate and professional statistical analysis system.

has the following characteristics:

high speed: system high speed response, statistical code without delay loading.

stability: 100 million secondary service platform to ensure stable data transmission.

precision: unique COOKIE tracking analysis, restore accurate data.

security: remote real-time data backup, data security and privacy protection.

professional: strong technical team, core data analysis.

to thank you for your support and love of Baidu alliance, we will be 2007-11-2 to 2007-11-8 period for members of the association of statistics Easy Access opened Baidu account, you only need to send the alliance account, domain name, estimated daily visits and contacts, EMAIL, call to [email protected] After the audit, within three working days to open Baidu statistical test account.

if you have any suggestions and questions about Baidu statistics please contact: [email protected], thank you!

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