What do you think of the future of Taobao



off the low threshold, some vagrant, grassroots, added a large number, plus some professional graduate students, a Taobao customer can practice their knowledge and entrepreneurship, so fierce competition. Although a large number of sites fall, but also a large number of latecomers to join, Taobao off the industry showing a steady trend. However, some guest later joined the most difficult to make money, those who earn money, also because in the past the post in the Forum blog, do good to a monthly income of million days are gone and distress. Then Taobao future customers, some of the answer is yes, but we need to use your brain to do it carefully.

one, bigger and stronger, focusing on a website.

now Taobao guest website is no longer used to do a website optimization ranking can be slightly up in large quantities, after many websites, some rely on a large number of original, a large number of natural chain, and a good user experience of the website survived, but more and more strong, such as a slimming website, ranked in the first three pages of Baidu keyword reach hundreds, each day brings nearly ten thousand IP traffic, I believe we can think of, so do the hot keywords the absolute income is not a small number of such sites is bigger, we like the reality of the situation, some small business soon collapsed, surviving mostly have staying power, there will be the future development of the company. We do Taobao guest website to learn more, practice more, failure one or two times does not matter, and then climb up, failure is the mother of success.

two, market segments, do a few sites.

suddenly do a big site is not easy, how to do it, we can think of a way to go another way, that is, the industry segments, do some small industry website. How to do a small profit, then do a few more, although the small site of small profits, but it is easy to do, you do a relatively large time of the site, enough to do a few small sites, and profits will not be less. The reason is that some large or general industry site has been done by Taobao, the competition is more intense, and now it is difficult to enter. The threshold is much higher than before, and some small industries, small keywords, if you are careful enough, you can still find, even if only to find a few enough you do.

three, do Taobao guest site approach

now do Taobao guest site as we do other industry site approach, the market has been mined, we need to do as usual within the site to do their own Taobao guest site. But Taobao guest website definitely promising, since many senior Taobao guest earned the first pot of gold left in this industry, they feel that there is no future, no future is not promising, but we need more efforts, efforts will have a return. This project will not be like a text messaging alliance, but a long-term project. Now Taobao is also the need to learn some of these, such as the promotion of ah SEO yeah

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