How to choose the form of online advertising

: the Internet has boundless charm and a huge amount of energy. A number of Internet companies are also in the development of advertising effectiveness testing, tracking equipment, for the correct choice of advertising, advertising investment to provide a lot of useful help. So, how to choose the form of online advertising?

Answer: at present,

home page type, channel type, enterprise type and web pages embedded four main types of online advertising in the form of.

      home page. This way is to provide online advertising directly to the enterprise domain name, and the production of the home page, the enterprise can publish their products in this home page of the relevant information. This method is mainly applicable to the overall image of the enterprise, and on the basis of the further development of enterprise e-commerce system.

      channel type. This form of advertising is most suitable for the use of IT industry companies, the effect is more durable, but also more ideal.

      enterprise Yellow Pages style. This is equivalent to the traditional telephone directory in the yellow pages, advertisers will be classified by advertising companies, the name (also with introduction and links) placed in a specific location for users to retrieve, this way is suitable for small scale professional production or business enterprises

      Web embedded. This way is inserted advertising embedded in the advertisers ", roughly equivalent to the traditional newspaper advertising or TV commercials, but before the two form is more flexible, the effect is much higher than the previous two significant. Embedded advertising is important to choose a good web page, this approach is particularly suitable for new product advertising, often receive unexpected advertising effect. On the current situation, with the IT industry related products using this approach seems to be more significant.