Let employees become the best advertising

Can be selected as the most suitable employees of the enterprise, the ranks, as the best advertising.

in fact, even if not advertised, each employee is always in the enterprise to your actions and words to advertising, because employees have spread every word and action effect; in other words, each of the image of the enterprise and its employees is affected by words and deeds, because they do not pass shielding employees alone shape. If the enterprise is properly used and to strengthen the staff’s positive advertising effect, it is beneficial to the enterprise.

brand system is divided into two parts to fulfill the commitment and, most of them directly in the form of behavior of employees. This suggests that our entrepreneurs, we must attach importance to the role of employees in advertising and brand.

because enterprises are in the period of development of different employees in the dissemination of corporate brand image advertising or corporate performance is different, can be divided into four stages: the first stage is to develop a code of conduct of employees; the second stage is to make employees become the main body of IMC, said the line is in order to achieve the aim of enterprise marketing; the third stage is the dominant part of the enterprise employees to be organic integrated brand communication, with its words and deeds drive enterprise brand promotion; the fourth stage is to keep every employee in reach the acme of perfection, personality characteristics at the same time, it shows that the enterprise total value and social responsibility, the establishment of a company with high reputation.

this stage staff’s life significance, has really to work for the enterprise through sublimation.