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found: birthday consumption contains opportunities    

life a few decades, life after dozens of reincarnation completed her birthday. In the accumulation and the leap of a birthday, we turn from a baby to an old man, from cradle to grave. Birthdays are like a milepost of life, every birthday is a true record of our growth course, although not all of the steles are able to illustrations, not all birthdays are memorable, but every moment blew out the candles, is indeed a memorable moment, even a "critical moment not cold".

index ( and the investigation collaboration "city residents birthday Consumer Culture Research Report" the data show that nearly half of the city residents in the birthday just past, the different forms of celebration, women, young people and high cultural level of the residents are more willing to celebrate their own birthday. Such a large and high-quality consumer groups, as well as the birthday of their own characteristics and cultural connotations contained in the fashion, so that the birthday market revealed unlimited business opportunities.

the index and zero net survey for birthday consumption culture of city residents, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Xi’an, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Ji’nan ten city survey, using multi stage random sampling method to obtain the surveyed households, was surveyed by KISH personal sampling. Were successfully interviewed 4729 aged 18-60 city residents. The Research Report on the consumption culture of the residents in the city is analyzed from the aspects of the scale of the birthday celebration, the characteristics, the form of the birthday, the birthday gift and so on.

from different gender, different age, different cultural levels of the respondents in the "not" birthday, women pay attention to their birthdays slightly higher than men, 47.4%.