A manager should not be a good employee

to the villain of the heart, a gentleman’s belly, eventually found a great gentleman; to a gentleman villain of the heart of the abdomen, finally the injured is always a gentleman, a large amount of people laugh, a small amount of people angry. A good manager should not be a gentleman. However, unfortunately, now almost all of the managers in China, is a good staff to grow up, this will cause a kind of problem? Empathy is one of the most commonly used method for managers, in fact, transposition is a good method, but managers often think so: in this environment, I at that time is how to do, why can’t you do that? So they will under the staff to put forward many requirements, realistically speaking, they claim is not too much, but they missed the point, then he is a good worker, and your subordinates not everyone is a good employee, if they are good employees, excuse me. You are the managers what is necessary? They can take care of themselves, just like you did at that time. Different