Real decryption network training day earn hundred dollars project

              text: case "online training to make money"

this topic, I believe that the webmaster friends are very familiar with it! Because these people had intensive bombing of a forum, the project is said. I would also like to know how many people here to do it? How many people make money? How much money?

I witnessed a "network training money" puzzle, now we opened one of the trick:

1 free training, after making money to pay training fees ("good" start)

"do you want to make money? You want to come, I can help you achieve the daily income of at least 100 yuan." – this is the first sentence of the other customer service to me, with a lot of seditious.


is training, training what? What is it that allows us to earn at least $100 a day?

2 network training is a trend of the trend of the network (brainwashing) start

The other advantage of

network training and the current widely used to spearhead the attack, but unfortunately "is, in 2005 I have been exposed to the network training, their training is what? Always have a product or a topic.

3 network teaching, allowing you to achieve advertising revenue per hundred yuan (return theme)

for the products they sell is to teach you how to use advertising to achieve daily income subject training 100 yuan, IMHO: the outbreak of the financial crisis, some enterprises even cut advertising costs to achieve the company’s expenses, they so much?

4 as long as you buy me two a domain name, a 200M space, I can let you do (see


when I learned that these needs is to buy 380 yuan when they were there to ask: whether Com can be registered the domain name? They answer: No, not to mention, Cn and Com are the same.

CN (domain name 1 yuan / COM, at least 45 yuan / month, my simple calculations, 2 CN domain cost 2 yuan; 200M space costing: each server hard disk standard configuration is basically 250GSATA, minus 50G, and 200G, there are 1000 200M in accordance with the cost of renting, million net! 7800/ years of the 1 200M space in the cost of 7.8 yuan; 2 yuan +7.8 yuan =9.8 yuan).

they will use this one of the top domestic network service providers? No, (because of the uncertainty, can not talk.


author note: to spend 380 yuan to buy a price of only $9.8 of the cost of goods, the loss to the grandmother to go home.

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