Google measured AdSense mobile advertising revenue sources to expand mobile sites

      July 16th news, Google confirmed to the Utility Belt website that it has begun to test text ads on the phone to provide publishers with a way to make money on the mobile phone website. The news came after the Self Made Minds website said it had received an invitation from Google on Thursday night.

According to website reported that Google said in a statement, we have the duty to find new and better let the user get the information they need on the move, and provide new revenue opportunities for our partners. We are currently testing mobile AdSense advertising. This is a profitable opportunity for mobile publishers. We will continue to evaluate the beta and improve the product based on feedback from users, publishers and advertisers. We don’t have any further news to announce.

Google did not specify the scope of the test. However, according to Google AdWords help center, said mobile advertising will be launched in 13 countries. The 13 countries are the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, China, Ireland, India, Russia and australia. Advertisers can advertise for specific countries. Google said the standard of mobile advertising and its standard PC site advertising similar.

this advertisement contains two lines of text, according to the language of each line has 12 or 18 characters. Advertisers can choose to get people to call them directly. Advertisers pay only when people click on their ads or when they call him from an advertisement.

Google limited mobile advertising test is very important for mobile sites. If the mobile phone users respond to mobile advertising, this new source of revenue will promote media companies and retailers to invest more time and resources to create attractive mobile sites. It will also prompt rivals YAHOO and Microsoft to launch their own mobile advertising products.

if mobile advertising is successful and creates an ecosystem for mobile content, more people may use their phones to access the Internet, and the price of Internet telephony and services will drop.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said that mobile advertising may subsidize the cost of mobile phone services. Mobile advertising will be the first step towards this goal.