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Beijing Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. as the leading domestic IT industry network application service provider, innovation since the founding of the beginning, with a pragmatic and efficient operation idea and development strategy, to the whole series, many aspects and differences of professional network application service in the industry won a good reputation and image. Now in the country 28 large and medium-sized cities, the establishment of a sound channel sales and service support system.

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registration process is simple: the user simply fill in the user name, password, telephone, etc., and can be completed by telephone confirmation.

A good brand image of

as a leading global network equipment and general agent distribution solutions provider H3C company, relying on strong R & D Insigma Central Institute support, dedicated network communications products and network security products R & D and manufacturing, the quality as the company’s survival, access to the ISO9000 the quality system and ISO14000 environment system certification in 2003. And by taking the domestic railway communication engineering construction projects, continuous innovation, developed a series of network communication products of excellent performance and network security products, formed a complete network application service capability.

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