PK value of different internet mode traffic

The value of the flow = the amount of the user’s × the value of other behaviors triggered by browsing

2, Baidu and Alibaba in the visit before the site has been basically determined to have specific behavior and value; information websites users generally do not have access to specific websites, forums and blog users is simply no purpose to curiosity, but professional forum users have at least one preset the behavior direction, so it is a little bit higher.

3, Baidu and Alibaba are using offline channels to sell online traffic, network traffic has the specific needs of the enterprise into the user’s orders, the transformation mode of personal website or other information websites do not have the commercial value of the flow and reality combination, so Baidu and Alibaba will not flow to those who value traffic exchange (pure Internet advertising) as the main business model of the site can be compared.

4, the value of the flow of information website = PV × see the news (see the white look, up to the point of advertising)

5, the value of the flow of Baidu = search volume brings the click of × click on the bidding

6, the Alibaba value of the flow of membership dues (= × landlord mode, but more people farming harvest)

7, the information website returns depend on advertising rates and media platform to enhance the flow of value depends on the value; double click on auction and Baidu search volume to improve; Alibaba to improve the value of the flow is primarily to expand the scale of membership.

8, enhance the value of the flow of difficulty: the Alibaba most easily, as long as the membership promotion, also is the next line of the channel construction, when the user is large enough time, make the rules of the game, the membership fee pricing and platform size and service capabilities of the hook; Baidu also is easy, simple click to enhance the flow of bidding the price will also increase, the click rate is not easy to grasp, in addition the bidding enthusiasm comes from customer loyalty, also need to upgrade the level of customer service, but these are Baidu’s own grasp, difficult for outsiders to break down; to the contents of the main information portal is the most difficult to enhance the flow of value, enhance the rate of itself is that advertising click, generally by cheat, now the user has basically is playing very fine, the media platform value in today seems ridiculous, dare to Say so, only Sina Sohu Tencent NetEase and several other web portals, take a little bit of brand advertising can only go people teeth point out, the Internet media value have been pressing for more than 5 years of television.