What can a boss do to make employees tell the truth

Not long ago, China Guangdong nuclear power group (Zhong Guanghe), such a pile of "the world’s most expensive cleaners," the story. A cleaner in routine cleaning, see a part of a machine of some dust, easily "hard" to use a rag to wipe it, accidentally touch a switch, start a nuclear reactor shutdown command, resulting in 2 days of blackout. If in the general business, waiting for the cleaners must be severe punishment. But just let all things clear cnpec cleaner, and then continue to work, even the wages and bonuses are not affected in any way.

fundamental purpose we can communicate from the people to do a survey to communicate: two or more persons, the language itself is a kind of information carrier, to transmit to others is the information itself, the more you say is to make others understand more information, so as to achieve mutual understanding and mutual understanding together. As an enterprise, in the process of development, the scale is more and more big, the affairs involved are getting more and more complicated, and more and more people are involved. Communication in order to be effective, requires the communication process as far as possible in the shortest possible time, the most simple way to convey the most true and accurate information. Appropriate communication methods and skills are necessary, but excessive emphasis on communication skills and techniques will inevitably allow enterprises to pay a lot of cost in the communication link, until the formation of a lack of honest atmosphere.

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