T entrepreneurship is not everyone can do it

in this world, there are two industries to create the most wealth miracle, they are longing for a large number of investors. Is one of the most people feel strange to know the financial industry, the financial industry investment risk is too large, entrants need to be cautious! And the second industry is now very influential in the IT industry, IT industry, venture capital needs less technical transformation funds effect, at the same time, the development change rapidly but also for the industry to create a lot of miracle birth therefore, many investors in the IT industry has a high interest, hope in this booming industry emerged, the accumulation of capital.

IT but who can do business is not dry, as a IT entrepreneurs need to have certain professional IT and entrepreneurial mentality, need to control the trend and hit on the hand of courage, not everyone can be as stubborn girl! Below to share some experiences and views.

Crazy Fishing gold mentality undesirable

An apple

mobile phone four thousand or five thousand yuan, a good notebook computer more than 10 thousand, many outsiders think the IT industry is a huge industry, in fact is not the case, IT products are a special commodity, it is no matter whether a catty, sell, demand and product technology content is IT based on this, the profit is more concentrated in the most upstream manufacturers to master the core technology, rather than each participant chain, understand IT industry knows, this chain of three or four dealers is very difficult to do, toil of high profit and low, if you got a Crazy Fishing gold mentality to the IT industry business, it will not be long before being called back, must do all the preparations for the failure, and to have a peace of mind.

judgment on future trends

neither do technology or simply IT roasted entrepreneurs, need to have a certain judgment on the market trend, it is possible to obtain success. Technology entrepreneurs to analyze the industry’s other products, some judgment on consumer demand, in order to develop a can adapt to future trends in the product, of course, forecast the next area of development is a very difficult thing, but entrepreneurs must have their own judgment, at every step in the process of product design.

and IT for roasted business people, is to keep on the "raw material" price sensitivity, 2011 2013 price of hard disk, memory soared, if not do your homework in advance, there is no market came before the action, then you are far away from the success of the distance.

entrepreneurship to withstand temptation

is due to the particularity of IT products in the high-tech industry, filled with fake, price fraud and other rights and interests of consumers in some businesses regardless of the behavior, change the configuration components from the profit, some businessmen samples with good things, the actual delivery is the same mold, different chip products, is the so-called many enterprises in order to short time dragons and fishes jumbled together, the interests at the opportunistic, shoddy.

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