Google will shift advertising from second to the first page of the advertising trend of the top 5


was a Google on the hearsay from the well-known Search Land blog Engine yesterday (see USA Today BetaNews and other reports, etc.), but I think it is very important message:

Google began to let everyone side of the search in August of this year, aside from the pull down bar see "character" (pictured above), you can see more search words, and the total number of words in the hidden place of the G in the stomach, this action is to provide direct operation for each search word that is a direct target of Google in cloud computing show its powerful computing ability syndrome. I used to write an article about how to turn off this annoying thing, and now this "Google Suggest" appeared in another new variety: according to reports, since this week, some American users have seen their "suggested" word lattice, unexpectedly appeared "advertising"


Search Engine Land provided above, the article does not indicate whether the composite picture. But the report did not say clearly, this "advertisement" what is the point in advertising, will immediately jump over? For example, I searched for "dog", also did not play second words, it is the first jump out of "dog: dog supplies are 15% off!" the direct advertising, point down and jump to the net stand out, or "dog net", then I choose it, it will search for "dog nets" in Google, but the first data, most probably it did not actually happen, must be the "dog: dog supplies will be 15% off, but you can also see the other nine results some dog world, the dog park, the dog cat grand bazaar, still have a chance to let other


also, the advertisement in the end should be put in the first pen (easier to be mad, but users) or under (more difficult to), there Google also heard not yet finalized, is likely to see the probability of user advertising multi-party computation, find a most favorable for everyone the "pendulum".

is "it’s great", because of Google’s main revenue is to rely on the keyword advertising, advertising on the "money spent" and "a penny", Google rely on a single source of income created this huge income, also shows this advertisement is really effective in. Now, Google wants to make this "very effective" advertisement "more effective", and the idea is that all of you will find that it will be more effective.

used Google search keywords of the page ads in the right hand side of the page "second" or "second" in the top of the page, will now rise to "first page" and "next", is in the first page of the Google mouse! Let the ads again "close to a user’s hands and eyes step. Analogy with the bus advertising (possibly)

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