Seven princess Cao Qing Girls witness business wealth myth

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6 years of struggle, for retired

80 girls witness wealth myth

Cao Qing, seven princess Top tide shop founder CEO, founder of the Hangzhou Agel Ecommerce Ltd of the involved, "selected" Forbes "Chinese thirty under thirty entrepreneurs list. From the Taobao store to set up a company, in order to achieve financial freedom, after the handsome girl, countless grassroots entrepreneurs heart benchmarking.

is less than 6 years they have their own clothing brand, Linping girl Cao Qing "retired".

"I only have half a day, half a day, half a day." Said this, Cao Qinggang had just finished a pregnancy test, her child will be born in more than and 60 days. "Now the company has various departments responsible person, the team is very mature, I hope to put more time at home".

as the "head of the history of fortune’s fastest shop – seven princess", Cao Qing thought that the work is for a happy life.

this is the most common choice in the era of e-commerce rapid enrichment. After the success of the business, to find the right professional managers, entrepreneurs can feel at ease to enjoy their lives.

2006, 24 year old girl in Linping Cao Qing started with $4000, with the name of the "seven space" in Taobao opened a shop.

this road is not easy. "We are also the same as other Taobao stores, step by step bigger. The first time, from dawn to dusk every day, lunch and dinner are to get lunch out hastily to deal with." Cao Qing told reporters. At least 500 new 100~150 per month, to ensure that the goods within the shop is not less than the mandatory provisions, making the name of the tide of the name of the store in the fierce competition in the fierce momentum of the network.

with the seven rooms of the shop bigger and bigger, the crisis ensued. Due to the quality of the clearance, seven space once suffered a poor evaluation of the more than and 700. Cao Qing on an open letter words earnestly: "through this self-criticism, for I wrote 3 in the morning before he stopped, the text is from the heart."

now, seven independent B2C has been on the line, men’s brands will also be on the line in the near future, annual sales of more than 3 hundred million.

seven princess, was a hundred bags of wheat bags, etc. Zhejiang network brand, is to seize the e-commerce opportunities to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

through e-commerce, to achieve financial freedom, enjoy their lives, has become a common vision of young people. The Internet is a relatively equal place, as long as the efforts, I believe there will be harvested." Cao Qing summed up her struggles.

reporter Pan Yuefei correspondent

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