How do earn 200 (a)13 years ago had a dream to be a businessman

earned 200 is not a success, to talk about how I made. I would like to publish a book on the internet. The first section: I have a dream is a businessman, I want to be a businessman 13 years ago, it is now a market economy, it seems 13 years ago is expected to the development of today’s society, maybe the childhood on a whim, it is the social fact today.

13 years ago, why would I want to be a businessman? I know the status of businessmen, in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the position is relatively high, up to now the reform and opening up, the market economy status in the merchant line, after the stars, government officials and scientists and educators. At the beginning of the 90s, we had a lot of places to eat and we didn’t have enough time to think about it, but I didn’t think so. I think the only people who do business are the most successful people.

is a member of the merchant engaged in goods trade, from the understanding and familiar with the business, grew up on the University have no contact with the reality of the business, in 2007 of commercial contact entrance in Hunan, but my major is computer, general computer who seldom paid, so the threshold of business it is difficult to go.

to Chinese in 2005 after the development of the Internet, for those of us computer professionals, is an opportunity, this is the electronic commerce, is engaged in trading, as the saying goes: the network on the network. Many people made a successful businessman through electronic commerce, such as Alibaba, Ma is the e-commerce platform China biggest president, many Internet businessmen do, not only is the electronic commerce, also has investment domain and Wangzhuan etc..

my dream is to go through the 4 years of the Internet to the formation of the Internet, really do business, to learn how to do business, engage in business. People who have no business sense are hard to be successful Internet merchants. I was in Guangzhou in 2008, from Changsha to Guangzhou in 2010, I have been studying for nearly 2 years of business, thanks to a lot of things that I have been taught about business, it is very realistic and commercial. To my business success or not, I am such a test, is my phone number you know, you have to find me, find a lifetime to find. Why? Because I’m a businessman. I know what you do. As the saying goes: break the heart, this is a commercial place in Guangdong is very suitable.

in business, I believe that the mainland is very silly, not Cantonese smart, mainland people kind of selfless dedication is not necessarily great. Cantonese is fine to do anything out of money, so they have the business sense, so the outbreak of mainland to forbes. Only those who want money will cherish the money, make money, will be more money.

on the Internet to do business, I still have the old saying: "a person to do a good thing is easy, difficult thing is to do good all one’s life." Do business is the same, on the Internet a day can earn hundreds, not every day, we must learn to self replication, such as today earn 200, I used the same method is 2 times harder than before 400, and so on, in.

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