How to create revenue website in a blink

Chinese milepost 100 year history of the Olympic Games, to create a green Olympics, hi tech Olympics and Cultural Olympics three concepts, the International Olympic Committee’s Press Committee Chairman Gosper said the same day, the International Olympic Committee has reached an agreement with China to allow Chinese during the Olympic Games in Beijing banned media access to some sensitive sites, so the crackdown on the site. In view of the very period, in order to the vital interests of the majority of the owners, to meet the supply needs of the majority of the webmaster, as the music alliance jointly China Mobile, China Unicom launched the flagship anti-virus products. In ensuring the Olympic Games, we integrate into the Olympic atmosphere, watch the wonderful game, reflecting the high quality of Chinese people at the same time, we can get the right owners of the channel in the meager strength to support family life.

hereby: as the

( P=337) to make a better decision,

a, rich and diverse product

two, backed by a strong capital (LETV announced $50 million investment)

three, and now every day, whether it is the amount of registration of individual users, or the registration of smart webmaster are constantly rising

four, the mobile Unicom whole network exclusive television channel, antivirus, registered to send 20 yuan, High Commission (antivirus 10 yuan monthly 5 yuan raised; and 30 yuan monthly 9 yuan), large sums of money in return, you still hesitating?

six, improve the payment system, the daily settlement is not deducted fees and income tax, so that the payment is more convenient and fast

mature perfect platform, win-win business philosophy, to provide business starting point for you! So you no menace from the rear online business started. One step ahead to one upmanship!

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