How to apply AdSense in the nternet community

maximize your AdSense revenue through forums, message boards, and discussion groups!    

in the eighth chapter, we discussed how to create revenue through the blog, but of course, the blog is not the only content on the Internet, of course, is not the only

application AdSense site type.    

in an active Internet community, most of the content is created by the user. You basically have a hard time controlling the key word or theme of the page, go to

side said that your AdSense is likely to bring you some surprises. (ready for the ad, to prevent the emergence of public service ads)    

passive web surfers browse through your site to find useful information, which is different from the forum members who provide their own content and care about other members of the

response to these contents.

a lot of people in the community to place Adsense ads are complaining that the ad hit rate is too low, the keyword appears too discrete (content correlation is poor), and

and the price of the unit is also very low. In fact, they did not realize that members of the community fanatical loyalty, repeated visits, unique content to

and members of the high degree of concern about the content, which is doomed to the Internet community is a hidden gold mine.    

some big brands, like Apple and Harley Davidson, are based on the following basis: the high degree of concern for individual products, and products for

away, active and positive word of mouth. You can achieve the same effect through your community website.    

all the Internet communities are different, but their charm is the same. What you need to do is find new and appropriate ways to get through the community

get the income, as some of the clever webmaster has done.    

below you will see some new ideas, hoping to help you expand your thinking:    

10.1 forum participants are often very concerned about the topics they are involved in. No matter where the ad appears, the top of the page

department, bottom or side, it is difficult to get the attention of visitors.  

The best way for

10.2 to attract eyeballs is to place ads on the bottom of each page. The more you are at the top of the page

posts are more likely to attract attention and have the greatest impact on the overall discussion. There are many webmaster 728*90 superstition Google banner ads, this

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