The Red Sea boiling Mobile nternet start-ups to change the law to Zaixi

review: Although the number of participants but the lucky few, though the clouds trap but infinite opportunities, attracted a batch of entrepreneurs.

in the mobile Internet Conference, entrepreneurs and industry professionals waiting for guests to speak

opened in May 5th, the global mobile Internet Conference lit the early summer of Beijing, despite the absence of Internet bigwigs collective tacit understanding, but the enthusiasm of grassroots entrepreneurs is still heating up.

a fierce, participants shuttling back and forth in dozens of venues and booth, catch conducive to entrepreneurial motto, start-up exhibitors in less than a meter in the booth not to mind taking the trouble their products and solutions, scenes of prosperity agitation.

or a market value of billions of dollars of the company in the midst of them; perhaps they will next month, Ali, who was the Tencent Baidu merger; perhaps inadvertently, a new market and opportunities are these little characters are discovered.

shuttle in the stream of people as well as the strength of the capital, keen to seek the opportunity to invest in the sense of smell, compared to the Internet boom of the PC era, more opportunities for mobile Internet segmentation.

is the name for the mobile Internet wave of entrepreneurship is too attractive, although many of the participants but the lucky few, though the clouds trap but infinite opportunities, like a boiling sea, attracted a batch of entrepreneurs. And the wave of entrepreneurship in 2010 is different, now there are three major rules of entrepreneurship warning.

rule 1: grasping integration, grasping subdivision, good cooperation with giants

"capital is very hot. As long as you have a dream, someone will bet you." PICOOC founder Zhang Yue assured this is a good time to start.

Zhang Yue was the first Nuggets mobile Internet entrepreneur, in 2009, he had participated in the founding of mobile application development training institutions Bo Kan, four years later, in the sale of Bo Kan after he venture, this is intelligent hardware.

four years ago, mobile applications are not new things, after four years, the mobile Internet has been the basis of intelligent hardware, Internet banking, O2O. The change of the mobile Internet, four years is already a long period ratio, the update cycle of the mobile Internet as vice president of Tencent, said Ma Zhe has been shortened to six months, half a year ago and now has a completely different.


in the last half of the observation technology of Tencent, the Internet giant holds huge traffic and the entrance, new customer acquisition costs are high, based on financial investors financing difficult, entrepreneurial companies difficult to develop independently, and together with the birth of a strategic investment and acquisition. Entrepreneurship is dead argument has spread in the mobile Internet entrepreneurs.

six months later, regardless of the scale of large Internet Co, or grassroots entrepreneurs, do not want to deny that this is a good time to start a business.

"users have more time on the Internet

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