Whether or not we adhere to the site to give up or give up

time is like life, our time is lost every minute. There are back time? This is not possible, the website is not a major part of the money, we all want to make easy money, in the end is not too lazy to move, or do not have this ability, you know your site how long? If there is no profit, says the website is back not for money, or for the sake of playing, no matter what your website, a website without income, equal to the white do, many users often say I rely on what website income? Of course depends on your product or sell advertising, mainly sell service is quite important for the website is. People, this is a new industry and market, just contact the site to a friend, buy a web server space, not just to some obscure or private business to buy space. The space is very dangerous, although the space will run away whenever and wherever possible, also can not spend much money, but your site has been running for half a year, there are procedures and database, there are some rank and income, and do not run business space, will make you laugh and cry, and also will let you wasted half time, so that the best friend is looking for some well-known space purchase, domain name is still the best in the same space to purchase


website has a certain experience for some veteran, said that money is not money, or earn money earn more! Website only a small number of people, we do business in the traditional society is the same truth, whether you are a novice or veteran, money does not depend on how long have you been on behalf of the ratio novice earn more. But you must first do a website through the three month test, SEO is to do after three months you will have certain ranking stable, this is a search engine on the test period, unless Baidu bidding, but spend a lot of money to do your advertising, but also bring traffic and income the Baidu bid how much money a keyword, so for you, compared to the price and the opponent, the opponent will put the key words how much money you have to follow, otherwise Baidu bidding will put your advertising to down, although the money is fast, money is also very fast, every one of us the idea is the same, some people love money to make money, some people love to spend time to make money, you are not willing to spend money, there would be so easy for you to make money, you say it! No matter what our website still need to do, although at least one month The revenue, the words I want to do first, we are not afraid of no income, playing every day do not have what problem, must be thousands of keywords index above, website is permanent, we must work hard to do, this is a must! Friends together to complete our dream!

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