Experts comment on the cross-border tax deal and Customs Law inconsistent

sina science and technology news on April 7th morning news, hosted by the new Beijing newspaper 4.8 cross-border electricity supplier tax new deal test forum held yesterday in Beijing. On the opportunities and challenges after the implementation of the new deal, the relevant experts and scholars from various fields of domestic and overseas business platform for cross-border import electricity supplier frankly comment: if the policy differences are not properly solved, will be a great impact on domestic and overseas business policy continuity and rigorous confidence.

consumers are generally pessimistic, worried about a lot of goods will be sharp price increases, the purchase amount of twenty thousand yuan per year will curb consumption demand, and encourage private purchasing and smuggled goods market in a certain degree. As of now, in micro-blog, the topic # sea Amoy duty-free # end of the era of reading, has tens of millions and discussion.

expert evaluation: the new deal and the upper law contrary to

new deal, 50 yuan tax exemption canceled, negative list to positive list, the development and implementation of the single limit of $2000 is the most talked about topics in the seminar.

familiar with the customs process and requested anonymity experts said that the new deal proposed 50 yuan tax exemption canceled, this policy is obviously contrary to the upper law, the future policy should be more stringent.

"People’s Republic of China Customs Law" fifty-sixth provides that the provisions of the amount of goods may be exempted from customs duties. "People’s Republic of China customs regulations," article forty-fifth provides that the tariff of 50 yuan of goods under the tax exempt goods.


experts pointed out that the introduction of the Ministry of Finance and other departments of the new deal to cancel duty-free quota of 50 yuan, if it is with the department regulations, then "Customs Law" and "Regulations" two tariff law was contrary.

Peking University new media marketing communication research center researcher Ma Qi Ji in the scene to speak, before the introduction of new regulations, the relevant ministries should be estimated, such as 20000 yuan of annual consumption quota is how to put it. Does not require one hundred percent accurate, but how to calculate or publicity, these rules should be left to the actual operation of the market and the development of space.

China will influence on Policy Research Institute researcher Zhao Ping more optimistic, she believes that consumers went shopping abroad or in the electronic business platform for cross-border shopping, one important factor is the price. Even after the tax reform in April 8th, relative to other channels of imports of goods, the price advantage of cross-border electricity supplier platform is still obvious, the overall price competitiveness of cross-border electricity supplier has not changed. "The tax may affect the price is particularly sensitive to the part of the consumer, but does not materially affect the enthusiasm of people to cross-border shopping." Zhao Ping said.

cross-border electricity supplier platform: the implementation of the new deal may be difficult to ship the same day

on the eve of the formal implementation of the new regulations, the major cross-border import electricity supplier platform on behalf of the forum were explained from different angles of view.


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