The business secret out of thin air brush gray industrial chain

at the beginning of April, some friends broke the news that the Jingdong internal staff to take the initiative to require businesses to a single brush, and exposed a group of "Jingdong official brush" caused a great disturbance. The official said the relevant staff in the Jingdong has been dismissed after being temporarily subsided.

just last week, Alibaba’s rookie network announced that because the courier company City 100 to help businesses to conduct a serious brush behavior, has been forced on its services offline.

shop scalping behavior already, but this news it once again in the spotlight.

recently, the reporter undertook an unannounced visits to the investigation, found that "brush" has formed a huge gray industrial chain.

home network part-time, day to earn one hundred yuan. As long as there is free time, whether at work or at home, you can make money part-time……" On the network, this kind of easy to make money advertising posts everywhere, and sometimes even directly to the text message sent randomly.

this seemingly easy way to make money, is a single brush.

reporter in the 58 city and other sites, you can easily find all kinds of information on the recruitment of single brush. A monthly income of 3000 yuan, can wrap, finish making requirements can be in accordance with the relevant requirements." This is a trading company in Xiaoshan to recruit the Commissioner of the ad.

and more is some part-time scalping advertising claims each can earn 3 to 20 yuan, can not guarantee that day to earn one hundred yuan, but every day can have 100 yuan of wages.

released this recruitment information deer told reporters that the so-called single brush, is to buy virtual goods shop.

in its introduction, the reporter was taken to a "YY" voice room. A woman in charge of the beginning of a reporter on the initial training.

, our main business is to brush the credibility of Taobao business, sales to earn commission. You according to the requirements of a single shot, and you usually buy things on Taobao is the same, the difference is this payment payment, we are looking for someone to pay or pay envelopes, you do not need to pay a penny." The other side, brush a list you can immediately find the person in charge of their commission. Each commission is about 3 – $20, corresponding to the price of goods purchased, the Commission is also different.

introduced her after he started to pull the reporter membership, said only become their true members can pick the brush single task, and will give a professional brush single training.

"here we have three members, ordinary members pay 89 yuan, 300 single brush back dues; senior members pay 158 yuan, 100 single brush back dues; super membership to 300 yuan, the same is the 100 single brush will refund, but have the opportunity to receive a high commission scalping task."

see the reporter hesitated, the other side further explained that the brush and the real purchase of goods is not much difference, but if the buyer to the platform side >

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