The liquor business in future Sales of less than 110 of the line

2010, known as e-commerce, the first year of development". Wine e-commerce started from the year. According to incomplete statistics, the current liquor market of electronic business platform with the independent domain name and website of more than 100, the rest of the greatly small independent domain name website at least thousands of drinks. Among them, including brewmaster network wine network, buy wine net comprehensive liquor B2C website; buy wine, wine, wine, wine, turn off the exchange Wine special B2C website; Moutai online store, Wuliangye online wine enterprise B2C website; and Chinese liquor business network, China wine, China Yellow Wine trading network with the property of B2B website.

, however, has a 5000 year history as a Chinese wine, in the development of e-commerce is still facing many bottlenecks, the online sales channel although spread more widely, but the volume is less than the channel line 1/10, liquor electricity supplier has heavy responsibilities.

first is the lack of talent. E-commerce as a new channel for the rise in recent years, the relative lack of talent reserves, and liquor sales also belongs to a special industry, wine culture and history need to have deep understanding. Brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng had regrets, look down on electronic commerce to understand wine, understand the electronic commerce and don’t understand wine. This is an important reason for the slow development of liquor e-commerce.

in addition, the liquor e-commerce and traditional liquor sales channels should be a competitive relationship, rather than who replaced the relationship. This is a warning. Brewmaster network has said in the beginning, the use of the channel edge, resolutely curb wine prices inflated, wine price cut low 30%~50%, at the same time also satisfy consumer demands for ordinary consumers really affordable wine, wine.

or it is because brewmaster network ", from traditional channels put up a pageantry" collective boycott, and therefore can not lead from the liquor manufacturers to get stable supply.

has previously, wine e-commerce said that within 10 years, B2C has the potential to capture the traditional liquor industry about 50% of the market share, the traditional liquor sales model to escape the fate of declining industries.

buy wine network founder Zhao Xiaowei told the "First Financial Daily" (micro-blog), the traditional channel after years of development has been ingrained, a complete revolution of electronic commerce to bring liquor marketing channel is very difficult, only a clear positioning of wine e-commerce, can be good to the formation of dislocation competition with traditional channel, also can obtain stable development.

solve the problem positioning itself, wine e-commerce companies still need to put the mentality, not instant success, just as many e-commerce companies will start targeted for the listing, is also in this state of mind, the introduction of venture capital companies anxious, constantly expanding the scale. Of course, the listing and financing companies to promote faster and better development of this understandable, but too many e-commerce companies in this rapid expansion of the fall.


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