ThredUP was 81 million E round of financing, the largest network of second-hand clothing in the fiel

Abstract: second-hand clothing platform ThredUP has just earned his fifth round of financing, the amount of up to $81 million, according to the company’s valuation rose to $500 million. This is the largest investment in the field of second-hand clothing network.

With the increasing number of women’s wardrobe in the home of the

, more and more women who want to sell their clothes or clothes, which form a big market. But from the Internet to buy a second-hand clothes will make people suspicious: this shirt will not smell taste? Will there be rather baffling clothes stains


used clothing platform ThredUP is to help users solve these doubts. It will hire every sale of clothes detection on its website, to ensure the quality of clothes, so that consumers can rest assured that.

this start-up company in San Francisco had just harvested their fifth round of financing, the amount of up to $81 million, according to the company’s valuation rose to $500 million. This is also the largest network of second-hand clothing in the field of investment, investors can see its favor. This round of financing led by Goldman Sachs, so far a total of $125 million ThredUP financing, investors also include Upfront Ventures, Trinity Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Redpoint Ventures.

on the ThredUP to sell second-hand clothing situation is better, the company will provide the seller with a bag of clothes. The company will sell half price on its website after passing the inspection. The seller can receive the money immediately on the credit card provided by the ThredUP, but it will take two weeks to get the cash out of the PayPal. Which sell well is some mainstream brands such as J. Crew and Calvin Klein.

"we found that more than half of ThredUP consumers did not buy second-hand clothing during the year before registration." "We are very pleased to work with ThredUP," said Goldman Sachs executive Ian Friedman, who is responsible for the investment. Our research shows that there is a big opportunity to change the consumer’s buying and selling second-hand clothing."

is currently focused on women’s and children’s clothing business ThredUP, has handled 11 million pieces of clothing. How did they do it? The company hired a large number of people on the west coast of the United States to test clothes.

CEO James, the company said the new funds will be used in part to increase at least two warehouses, and actively carry out advertising campaigns in the Reinhart. He believes that the company can provide consumers with a reliable market to buy second-hand clothing.

"we created this company in order to make it easier for consumers to empty the wardrobe and buy quality second-hand clothing. We use the web to penetrate and people to the web

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