Ali registered double eleven trademark battle began quibble

is near the double eleven, while they follow the prescribed order landlord beat "low", "the real thing" to attract the attention of consumers when the mouth, suddenly found the Alibaba actually tricks the "double eleven" registered trademark. A time for other electricity providers urgent modifications double eleven promotional copy, and alluding to the Alibaba in violation of the spirit of open internet.

JINGWAH Times reporter  

double eleven trademark cited concern

according to media reports, Ali group has achieved a double eleven registered trademark. Authorized by Alibaba group, Tmall has exclusive rights to "double eleven" trademarks, protected by law, and the use of any other person is trademark infringement.

query China trademark reporters through the network discovery, "double eleven" trademark for a total of 18 more than three Alibaba Group Holding Ltd in December 2012 which is thirty-fifth and 38 respectively, and 41, covering advertising, business management, industrial management, office services, telecommunications, education, training, entertainment and sports activities etc.. In addition, the Alibaba group also registered a double eleven carnival, double the eleven online shopping carnival, double the carnival of the two, the double 11 online shopping Carnival and so on a total of 11 and double the trademark related to the eleven. All kinds of trademark registration time from 2011 to 2013.

this means that Ali a few years ago already has a double eleven trademark, but had not given the attention of the outside world, of course, Ali has never taken the initiative to mention the matter. Yesterday, the trademark incident caused widespread concern due to the spread of the network a notice letter. The cover of Zhejiang Tmall Network Co., the official seal of the "circular letter" requirements of television, newspapers, Internet and other media advertising departments not for other business enterprise promotional release with "double eleven" ads, and points out that the Alibaba group has achieved "double eleven" registered trademark.

and for the authenticity of the notice, Ali aspects of the relevant persons in an interview with reporters yesterday declined to comment.

Jingdong criticized

Jingdong and other electricity providers to replace the double eleven yesterday emergency related promotional copy.

Jingdong yesterday issued a public letter, called 11· 11 of the retail industry has become one of the festival, but also the consumer online shopping carnival, also named "pointed out a business has always advocated opening and ecology, is an attempt to this festival to" legal "way according to oneself, it is contrary to the open spirit of the Internet the principle of fair competition."

another appliance giant Su

Ning of "double eleven" trademark events publicly responded that "the company had planned" double challenge eleven "advertising on the Internet, but we don’t all normal competition already plan, the most.

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