nternet giants compete for cross-border electricity supplier industry reshuffle reshuffle

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Xinhua Shanghai, July (reporter Liu Xue, Gao Shaohua) with the enthusiasm of consumers scouring the sea as well as the policy environment is increasingly relaxed, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier industry momentum 20. In the past one or two years, joined the Alibaba, Jingdong, NetEase and other Internet giants to make this industry into the shuffle battle.

in recent years, China’s rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, has formed a certain scale of industrial clusters and transactions. China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in 2014 China’s cross-border electricity supplier import transaction size of about 4 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 33.3%. Ministry of Commerce released the global trade pattern report predicts that in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity supplier import and export volume will grow to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of more than 30%.

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Belt and Road Initiative" continuously push forward the construction and changes of domestic trade situation, more and more cross-border electricity market policy environment optimization.

in June this year, the State Council issued the "on promoting the healthy and rapid development of cross-border e-commerce guidance", clearly put forward, both generally support domestic enterprises to develop foreign trade by e-commerce, and focus, encourage powerful enterprises bigger and stronger. This provides a more favorable policy environment for the growth of cross-border electricity supplier business.

face this attractive blue ocean, Alibaba, Jingdong, Amazon, NetEase and other Internet giants have to compete for the market. Price fight fight category, logistics, cross-border competition between abnormal; limit, fanquan rebate seckill emerge in an endless stream, red envelopes of various promotional tools.

in the past year to promote, China’s leading Internet electricity supplier giant full participation. "618" has been shaped as a "double" other electricity consumption hot spots outside the "eleven". Among them, the cross-border business sector has become the main battlefield of the major giants battle.

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in July, cross-border electricity supplier promotion continues. In July 1st, suning.com Hongkong museum audience substantial promotion. On-line in early January this year the NetEase’s cross-border business platform "NetEase koala sea purchase recently announced the July 21st semi launch anniversary event, once again set off a low storm.

NetEase koala sea purchase public relations director Wang Zheng said, domestic cross-border electricity market has great potential, but the current domestic engaged in cross-border electricity supplier business enterprise more than and 20, the market competition is extremely fierce, fierce price war, industry reshuffle can hardly be avoided.

"in 2015 is the first year of cross-border real fighting, but also shuffle year." Wang Zheng said that the families have roots in the supply chain to prepare for war, and NetEase will continue to increase investment in this sector, the goal is to enter the domestic electricity supplier self TOP3. According to its introduction, the current total cash reserves of NetEase has more than 20 billion yuan, the purchase of the purchase of the koala Sea plate, there is no upper limit.

although the price war is very hot, the electricity supplier rebate generous, but in fact.

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