Twelve, the electricity supplier who still quack

  double eleven of the electricity supplier in order to grab traffic, for users, have resorted to exhaust all the skills. Maybe everyone is weakened has not yet fully recovered after the baptism of the twelve double eleven, the electricity supplier arena relatively quiet a lot.

in addition to the release of a lottery blockbuster Taobao, other electricity providers who are very difficult to set off 12 double waves. Count of the giants, Taobao, Yi Xun,, Dangdang, Amazon, shop No. 1, Jingdong,, recently you see big action a few? Fortunately, pull out so little information from can chop, can prove that indeed the existence of twelve.

Taobao: come on, come on, come on,

business is a money losing industry, as long as the money, some trick to attract consumers. Taobao, the wealthy uncle spent 36 million to twelve day Shuangseqiu lottery lottery to buy all combinations. Of course, this is conditional, lottery can only receive from Taobao mobile client. Which will certainly be among the first prize, the maximum amount of 15 million.

eleven is Tmall store – Taobao C shop is a carnival, carnival. In the mobile terminal has become a trend in the case, Taobao to take advantage of the development of Taobao mobile client, to stimulate the download.

this is really a blockbuster, driven by the lottery premium, the client downloads you can go up to the high forecast. This can push than the original deal, Ma forced employees to work more with friends.

in addition to Taobao’s annual launch of the red envelopes activities also attracted a lot of people, at least I see a lot of friends around it is nothing to hold a mobile phone red envelopes.

Jingdong: love ye ye ye, ye do not accompany you to play

Jingdong’s killer is the logistics and home appliances, eleven double released during a series of "fast" posters still fresh. But to twelve, the Jingdong was not what big action.

but before the Jingdong quietly on the line of Beijing product benefits, aimed at the development of O2O, the service life of the development of the next line.

I look at the Jingdong website will be the whole of December as a member of the feedback month, is a regular discount activities, a little quiet point.

Yi Xun: bring the doctrine is also a kind of ability

Yi Xun recently summed up in one sentence is that small moves constantly, no big action. One thing is worth mentioning, since the opening of the WeChat client payment function, easy and fast to hold a variety of thighs, it is not easy to see the rapid development of the client’s determination. However, mutual benefit, by virtue of this move, WeChat also challenge Taobao.

– fast and easy combined with SF, WeChat, QQ online shopping, multi-dimensional layout. The joint is to take advantage of the SF logistics, WeChat is paying Tim fire, another awesome. But QQ online shopping has always been ignored, never been seen in the eyes of the electricity supplier giants, but there is a huge group of people buy QQ >

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