Taobao remediation near famous brand a lot of illegal goods are punished

news July 8th, it is a common bag, but cry up wine and sell vinegar called Hermes same paragraph, even lists "LV Chanel Dior Pula" and a bunch of brand in the title bar, the promotion behavior near the famous search volume is Taobao fully blocked.

recently, Taobao launched the largest "free ride" campaigns "sweep haze action", through advocacy, interception, multi rules issued stock clearing means together, on or near the famous brand name goods piled up by drainage carries out a strict disposal, the first batch of goods is as high as 2000 10000.


" sweep haze action "is mainly aimed at the title of the indiscriminate use of others’ words, especially near the famous brand keywords, through attract eyeball, achieve diversion." Alibaba chief executive officer Zheng Junfang said that this year, starting in April this year, Ali launched a special action, hoping to use technology means, through large data modeling initiative to carry out prevention and control.

therefore, the special action group dedicated to "free ride" behavior to sort out the list of 1500 brands of daily consumption scenarios appear most frequently, and according to the daily consumer complaints, brand rights feedback dimension, first took the lead on the 685 brands to Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Patek Philippe, Bvlgari, Ferragamo, MontBlanc, Vacheron Constantin, etc., to test the water.

according to the action plan, sweep haze active in standard is not consistent, near the famous brand of stacking, heavy three types of attack. That is to say, for the 685 brands, once the seller sold the title, description, details or pictures of goods in brand information, which is inconsistent with the brand name attribute, or the title with 2 or more brand information, especially the "same style", "imitation", "match" description, can immediately be fake big data system of Alibaba listed as high risk sensitive situation, and make the punishment of being caught.

in addition to clean up the stock of commodities by the above way, the special action group also launched the new interception system, appear standard is inconsistent, the brand piled up any kind of situation of publishing details, also cannot be released successfully.

by the end of June 2016, "sweep haze action" has been treated over 20 million suspected of improper use of the rights of others, one of the five largest category of punishment are: men, women, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, leather bags, are well-known brands of traditional distribution base, also is the age of the Internet knowledge property protection center. Because of this, "sweep haze action not only make the front page more relaxed, also make the brand complaints plummeting into a super 5.

"sweep haze action" is the latest move one of the Alibaba intellectual property protection. Zheng Junfang said that in 2015 the Alibaba by the number of master model intercept and shelves of goods is 8 times the number of human rights complaints, and the first half of this year through the "sweep haze action, LOGO governance, governance and other means to smear copycat has made this a number >

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