Taobao launched a mobile phone called takeaway service to introduce credit rating system

[TechWeb] November 6th news reports, the day before the Alibaba’s Amoy little division for the 19 city including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, vigorously launched a mobile phone called "delivery" service, users only need to enter the mobile phone Taobao channel Amoy little or Amoy little client. You can find a nearby restaurant and orders, the use of Alipay after the payment, you can wait for the meal site.

Alibaba’s Amoy little division operations director Tang Yongbo, Amoy special for new users of all the first attempt of this service for 10 dollars of takeaway envelopes, you can start to use the red November 1st. "At the same time, takeout orders all points from 50% Amoy point orders all November 1st -30 during the period of free single award winning, users will get the same amount of takeout orders and Alipay red."

it is reported that Amoy little is Taobao launched in June this year, a service for local users of O2O mobile applications, the current launch of the takeaway and ordering two services, is still in the trial operation stage. "At present, Amoy little takeaway service has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other more than and 30 domestic city, the number of stationed takeaway businesses has reached tens of thousands, including a variety of small food businesses, fruit shop, cake shop, brand tea shop etc..

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, Amoy also introduced a little bit of evaluation and credit system, if the user’s business to sell foreign businesses feel satisfied can give praise, if you can not be satisfied with the poor. In addition, the number of merchants to send out the transaction can also be like Taobao store can be accumulated together, and access to diamonds, crown such credit rating.

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