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the latest news, the value of the Spring Festival is approaching, China’s first professional software vendors B2B website – Online (February 2nd) announced: from now until February 14th, where a registered member of the manufacturers online users, Silver Membership charges from the original 1700/ adjusted to 1200/ years, gold membership fees from 6900/ to 5000/ year, diamond membership fee from the original 24000/ adjusted to 20000/, return to normal price after February 14th.

It is reported that

, ", software vendors online direct sales network; " ( by the Shanghai Jin Choi enterprise Cci Capital Ltd to build the largest software China direct website, website for users of software vendors and software directly set up 100% direct online presentations, online trial, online leasing (SAAS), online trading; edge demonstration software online communication, online trading platform third party software operating side edge of online communication, eliminate software purchase and sale of intermediate links, directly reduce the purchasing cost of software user software.

direct selling behavior, as a sales model, since ancient times by the purchase and sale of both sides of the praise and practice. The direct beneficiaries of the implementation process of commodity direct marketing model is the direct user, while optimizing the management of manufacturers, through direct sales model to reduce the cost of management has brought great benefits. For the purchase and sale of both sides, a win-win outcome is inevitable.

Especially the

software industry, the software direct model, software vendors through optimization of sales management, eliminating the middle management, by reducing management costs will be high quality and low price products direct to direct user software software. Is a software sales model for both buying and selling time and again.

" manufacturers Online – Software direct marketing network " it is in this context of the commercial background of both. Eliminate all the intermediate links, so that software vendors and software users through the direct exchange of free online platform, direct negotiations, until the transaction is successful. For the software manufacturer, promote their software products through the online trading platform to maximize, directly grasp business opportunities, to deal directly with software users; for software users, software sales network platform is excellent software products procurement base, can also let the user freedom of choice, direct negotiation of goods than the three, finally found cheap software products.

In order to achieve the maximum win-win

software vendors and users, software sales network has been in efforts to excellent management team and marketing team to build a direct trading platform to attract the world’s leading search engine, classified information platform, determining the site promotion alliance long-term cooperation relations; to software manufacturers outstanding software products locked in direct selling the platform, bringing tangible benefits to the software directly to the maximum user.

software direct marketing network was founded in February 2008, after 2 years of development, now registered members have reached more than 2 thousand, these software vendors have adopted the

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