The electricity supplier price war who in the doorway None

6.18, this is the anniversary of the Jingdong store, with other providers, has evolved into the electricity supplier promotional carnival.


is a major electricity supplier are known to benefit billions of dollars, but consumers really feel the benefits can be quite different. Which is the electricity supplier price war "doorway".

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‘s businesses, are known to come up with billions of dollars in profits to the extent of price and promotion. In fact, before the start of the business promotion and can not accurately calculate the magnitude of profit, grace 100CEO, former vice president of Ben Chen Tenghua told reporters that it is difficult to say the price war with the promotion distinction, or that the price war is actually a kind of promotion, many electricity providers said none of several hundred million, in fact equivalent to less money this several billion. However, when the product is still not sold out, what can accurately predict they will sell how many goods? If you can not accurately calculate the site of future sales, so obviously it is none of the water, is not scientific.

The new

seven day electrical network CEO Zuo Yingjie said that the overall profit is not so much. If out of 5 hundred million, can take out 50 million, a number of promotional activities plus manufacturers.

in the price war, the most depressing is the small and medium-sized suppliers. They do not want the price war to disrupt the price system. But they are in front of the website, are vulnerable, money is in arrears with the electricity supplier website, in order to impact sales, have to continue to supply electricity supplier website, and bite the bullet in the price war, and thus assume the price and cost in which none of the.

has the right to speak for some large enterprises, although not directly to the electricity supplier website price and none of the costs, can not avoid the price war request website. A special type of supplier development of large-scale, respectively to the different electricity supplier website. In this way, you can avoid their own price system because of the price war and confusion.

but these special types of consumers is not affordable. These special types, are often not the mainstream configuration, not selling styles. For example, Tmall recently launched specifically for online TV, SKYWORTH 32 inch LCD TV price 2199, than the line of similar configuration also higher than 15%.

a number of business enterprise insiders said, in the price war, often only need to come up with some advertising and marketing costs, profit cost is actually allocated to suppliers and businesses on the site.

part of the cost of the price of the business is borne by the industry is not surprising thing, in the electricity supplier platform set up shop, suppliers need to pay the management fee to the electricity supplier website, as well as sales commission commission. Only a part of the electricity supplier website profit commission can persuade the businessmen to participate in a price war.

in fact, the price war in Tmall is to do so, with the usual commission returned to participate in the promotion of businesses.


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