More tribute to the urban elite enjoy the quality of life.

on the evening of April 26th, "Cavalia· dance horse" Female only show grand opening in Beijing Chaoyang park. Life business platform multi point (Dmall) to "online supermarket, beauty supply station" as the theme, inviting the elite female users from all walks of life to watch a special performance, it has consistently advocated the healthy quality of life and more consistent, by the majority of female multiple users alike.

in this field for women held special auditions, more than 1000 female elite appeared in the time tunnel of Cavalia castle; female entrepreneurs, female racer, female pilots and so on, they are dressed in costumes, confidently walk in Cavalia on the red carpet is modern female life, high quality of life the way is also more advocated portrayal.


Cavalia on the red carpet, the women’s elite are happy to hold more than a point of Logo brand photo taken

"Cavalia·" is a dance horse from Italy romantic epic stage show, show the people to dance to the spectacle, known as "the world’s most beautiful performance"; on the stage, 40 horses have appeared with actors staged on horseback "flying trapeze" Ten thousand steeds gallop. "etc. wonders. The mighty yellow sand, horses are flashed in front of the audience; in the gurgling brook, horses and Sha girl whispering and singers on the same stage, shape, and The tune lingered in the room. A girl on the horse’s dream, from ancient caves to grasslands, deserts, forests; from the ancient east to the Europa people to dance, dream, in whispers and laughter with passionate carnival. More thrilling difficult 36 meters volley flying 60 kilometers per hour, on horseback, horse a ballet, so many female elite users excited, watching the performance clapped, 2.5 hours to harvest a hundred times applause; their thoughts back to the chaos at the beginning, the harmony of the universe, the natural growth of the distant. To appreciate the return to the nature of love and imagination.




"this show particularly exciting, not only let me work in a tense life space to relax, but also know a lot of good sisters like-minded! Thanks to the multi point of this platform, not only in the life of shopping brings me a lot of convenience, but also let me in life philosophy, life style, interpersonal relationship has been now I ascend! Buy fresh FMCG products no longer have to go to the supermarket queuing traffic, parking, eliminates the cash system trouble, as long as the multi point APP on a single key home on the line; I also take this time and effort and worry way of life spread to family and friends, relatives and friends around me now they began to experience this different way of shopping and the concept of life. This is my watch performances and several bestie meet.

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