A year jump red red book how to seed users

as the saying goes to match, the red book is such a mobile shopping mad other competitors sharing community: since the on-line will never because users worry about a year; in the rich, love shopping for young white-collar fame; in the upgrade to business platform and only took more than 5 month the turnover soared to 200 million, the conversion rate was 8%, of which 95% of the goods on the shelves sold out within 2 hours — this is not a penny of advertising, entirely by word of mouth.

is the most envied, this is not a popular short, the trend curve is to post more rise: the little red book last month anniversary of the big promotion, on the first day of activities within 24 hours of sales over the whole month of May sales, App Store also ranked beyond the Jingdong, vip.com and other giants listed within three days, report immediately after the public capital circles and the media blitz.



: Red Book co-founder Qu Fang held in the meeting’s billion state power network share

but lively others, other entrepreneurs are most interested in is how proud of the little red book, but as a new venture to as quickly as the little red book together. According to the seed users little red book come from this topic, billion state power network linked to the red book, co-founder of Qu Fang, she held in a meeting of state power grid, and the billion state power network users of the open sharing: she believes in from the 0 to the 1 stage entrepreneurs will first ask clear yourself three questions.

, a point is the real needs of users or pseudo demand


Qu Fang said that in the early stage startups, actually does not need to put too much advertising, as if to the true user pain point, users will come, and help the project spread. "If you don’t have to look back at the seed users, is to the real needs of users or pseudo demand, reflect the business model is not a problem. Little red book is just to help users steal a lazy, the user from the beginning is explosive growth, did not spend a penny advertising."

Red Book exactly solve the user what pain point? Billion state power network has learned, was born in 2013 in the red book, the original identity is "shopping", is mainly aimed at the hobby of outbound tourism and shopping value of female users, especially in a second tier city white-collar. By December 2014, when the introduction of a simple strategy has been unable to meet the needs of users, it was formally launched the welfare agency began to share community shopping transformation, so that users can click on the purchase.

founder and CEO Mao Wenchao said in an interview, the little red book is content of UGC production model, compared with other community the most special thing is to dig real users, community content from seed users real share. "The future life style of Chinese young people, not a few people can decide, they should go on their own, what kind of life. If I had 200 editors

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