Stripped of the electricity supplier of agricultural products coat, what is it

a few years ago, Ma said, do not do electronic business after ten years, no business can be, so many followers nowhere to cite, e-commerce has become a dream to save the artifact.

I wrote a micro-blog, and its content is: "the e-commerce of agricultural products" as called "supply chain of agricultural products", the latter relationship and e-commerce is not so big, not so seriously, and once it is Ningba, you almost run.

this is my understanding, if you do not start from the ground to solve the problem of agricultural products supply chain, the reality of e-commerce in the living space.

talked about the future of the electricity supplier of agricultural products market, a lot of friends mood.according into their sleeves, but still want to calm: maybe you master all kinds of top supply and so on, you may know all kinds of awesome marketing and so on, you may study all kinds of business models have blood boiling for a long time, see the distant light seems to close at hand if you don’t go, you will find in the sea after the lamp is still out of reach, walk without coordinates, whether it is a problem.

a single task distribution baffled the world

is a hot summer, there is a bad distribution member is connected to a single delivery task, the safety of the goods to customers at home, are: a salmon, a chicken, a box, a box of egg peach, a bag of vegetables, a barrel of oil, a bag of rice, a box Nanxiang steamed buns. This is the original food distribution manager CEO Yutian has given a hypothesis, in reality as long as your product is rich enough, like cheating distribution demand will occur.

chilled salmon needs 0-4 C (plus the best ice), chicken freezing conditions, the best minus 15-18 degrees, peach optimum storage temperature is 7-13 DEG C (to do extrusion protective measures)…… Each product on the temperature and environmental requirements are different, if in strict accordance with the requirements of the standard distribution, the world I am afraid that no one dare to take this single.

route logistics and terminal distribution is an important part of fresh agricultural products in circulation is not open around the moment, various well-known fresh B2C enterprises, most of their full set dry (self built cold storage and refrigerated trucks, since the purchase of their own) is derived from its stem distribution requirements and ensure the service quality of third party did not meet with the problem is that once the expansion of the scale to carry out cross regional business, is bound to have a full set of assets, the high cost of overweight, seemingly do not meet the operational logic of asset light business, but in addition it seems there is no better choice.

is talking about the end of the supply chain distribution problem, the following set of data allows you to understand some of the underlying causes:

a Chinese population of 1 billion 400 million, now only 70 thousand margin of refrigerated trucks, an average of 20 thousand people have a car, while Japan is about 150 thousand, the United States is about 250 thousand, their average 800-1200 people have a refrigerated truck, we can think of each community will have a dedicated refrigerator car, which also determines that he.

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