268 yuan in the fiery appointment of glory WiFi wall treasure gift Haopaiduo

January 5th, HUAWEI intelligent strategy Home Furnishing three core products Pro, voice glory glory routing box and glory WiFi wall simultaneously in the mall, treasure Jingdong HUAWEI mall reservation sound — heavy extraction including the glory 6Plus, more than 2000 yuan gift trench ceremony subscriber, lit the attention of users of smart Home Furnishing. Have to say, with 268 yuan / group "price," Ge "signal with" glory WiFi wall treasure, with Jack WiFi, signal wire cable and network technology to expand the variable conversion rate, highly demanding the speed of modern consumer expectations and favor. Glory WiFi wall treasure not only is the best partner of glory Pro routing, WiFi routing is also compatible with other brands, expand the strong performance. In the Spring Festival to enhance the speed, eliminate the dead WiFi users must be registered in advance mall account, don’t miss the glory of WiFi wall treasure reservation send Hao Li the opportunity to draw.


glory WiFi wall Po January 5th appointment activities had exposed multiple gift, strength is quite shocking. The reservation period, the Jingdong Mall (January 5th 00:00 to January 18th 18:00), HUAWEI Mall (January 5th 10:00 to January 18th 23:59) two platform, will 6Plus, glory Pro, glory glory voice routing and glory box headset premium gift list, divided into one or two grades, three or four awards; in addition, the subscriber and Ali to 10. "Yuan vouchers can receive (a limited number of first come first served).


The effective signal of

wireless network equipment has the coverage limit, the practical application often no signal or signal instability, glory WiFi wall Bao cleverly solved the problem. Treasure and glory WiFi wall power socket hole can release the WiFi signal, Jack WiFi, room instantaneous signal full grid. The glory of WiFi wall by Bao Bao and WiFi Bao network composition, network router signal from the release to the glory of WiFi wall treasure net mouth treasure, then distributed to WiFi Po induction receiver, with a maximum of seven WiFi at the same time the use of treasure. The network Po drainage signal, WiFi Po transmission signal into a perfect division of labor can be described as "liyingwaihe". The area of big houses, villas, and floor compartment reams of turrets, across the pitch, the glory of WiFi wall treasure can be woven into a wire cable, the layers of clouds net, do not let the dead signal a fish escaped through the seine.


WiFi through the treasure and glory glory / glory Pro also supports routing routing HUAWEI HiLink intelligent Home Furnishing protocol, called the network connection "gold partner". With the glory glory Pro routing / routing, the glory of WiFi wall treasure without manual settings, network instant signal expansion, greatly simplified >

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