Take the shoes to remind the network to prevent network marketing experience embarrassing

when Alibaba and other Internet companies to see the gradual maturity of enterprise applications more rational, many people say that fewer opportunities. The potential is enterprise more and more difficult to "flicker", enterprises from first to last never want to be fooled, but often results in fudge growth, however, we believe that the enterprise will one day be mature and flicker from! "Both opportunities and risks" is every one familiar with business what enterprises with good benefits, multiplication, use is not good, on the face of both sides, harass the people and waste money, network marketing in the application process in small and medium sized enterprises with embarrassment.

enterprise network marketing is one of the mature performance of the enterprise is responsible for network marketing. Many enterprises according to the feedback information, we found that many companies encounter with embarrassment, the boss does not understand the network marketing, enterprises do not have a perfect evaluation mechanism, the result is the network marketing personnel assessment and value assessment are difficult to reasonable, at the same time, the network marketing departments are generally not large, is often a person, weak, unable to form the benign interaction of the sales department and marketing department, the results tend to be solitary, caused by the network marketing department of little value, staff enthusiasm is not high, the result is to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

shoes shoes network, network marketing and e-commerce companies should not only provide a platform for the enterprise, it is more important to provide a platform for experts to help operate the operation of the enterprise. As is known to all, making shoes footwear B2C as the nation’s largest e-commerce platform, to promote the development of electronic commerce, making a perfect evaluation mechanism of shoes network, rigorous assessment, assessment of the value of network marketing personnel, network marketing division in detail, a professional technical team, the company on the marketing department’s attention, stimulate positive the employees. This is a powerful guarantee for the success of the shoe network. Some companies can not afford to lose their temper, refused to pay more tuition, after failing to learn from experience, did not find the mode of development in line with their own, let their development. If you can learn from the failure, learn from experience, from their own, the failure of others to learn even a little bit of experience is enough.

for the enterprise encounters with embarrassment, making shoes are ready to leave, hiring staff, making shoes quickly provide back-up personnel, network marketing operation of professional staff to ensure the normal operation of network marketing website. The dream is to build a shoe network to build the country’s largest B2C shoe shopping site, a large scale one billion professional footwear online shopping platform. In accordance with the current strength of making shoes, dream distance is not far away, because now when it comes to online buying shoes, there are a lot of online shopping experience will first think of making shoes, making shoes with a unique brand of charm, become the preferred site for a new era of network purchase shoes.

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