1 million 200 thousand courier half of home delivery experience Spring Festival test

xinhuanet.com February 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhao Wenjun) the Spring Festival comes, all kinds of special purchases for the Spring Festival express parcel stampede in, on the other hand to migrant workers as the main body of the courier will return a large number of. Throughout the courier industry across the country, millions of couriers are experiencing the Spring Festival test.

at present, the national courier industry has more than 1 million 200 thousand employees, the peak of the day before the holiday processing capacity of about 50 million. According to incomplete statistics, about 1/2 of the courier to return home before the new year. The day before the State Post Bureau issued a notice, requiring the postal and postal departments at all levels to urge the major express delivery enterprise reasonable allocation of manpower, capacity, full protection before the "endless network, not to reject, not the backlog".

holiday courier volume soared around the volume of Beijing express doubled

from mid January to early February, the volume of express throughout the country showed a rising trend. The basic 38 million has more than in the previous national daily express quantity, show rookie logistics platform of Taobao, the National Express volume in early February reached a peak, the ratio increased by nearly 30% times.

branch of the Beijing branch of the network manager Qian Moyong said that the Beijing area of business from February 1st, the peak, the number of express express delivery in the middle of 400 thousand or so, an increase over the same period last year. From the beginning of February 9th, courier express logistics EMS business peak, more than 50% of the daily amount.

with some of the courier express delivery to home, some places appear delay phenomenon. According to industry sources, in Beijing, Shanghai and other big city, before the peak already exists in some private courier services subcontracted to large enterprises express phenomenon.

according to the reporter, express leading SF express approximately 340 thousand employees, of which about 200 thousand for the first STO courier; there are about 200 thousand employees, of which over 60% employees express line. Overall, about 1/2 of the country before the courier to return home. STO Beijing company official Xiong said that the current rate of return of employees in Beijing outlets has risen to 1/2 from the previous few days of 1/3, is estimated to reach the peak of the weekend.

February 9th, the State Post Bureau to remind consumers, the Spring Festival period before and after the express delivery service will be delayed.

reporter learned that, in the pass, SF, Shen Tong, tact, BES Huitong can operate the national network of several courier companies, recently issued a notice has been promised year-round". Jingdong, Suning and other self built logistics system, the electricity supplier also declared that during the Spring Festival delivery service does not stop, but due to factors such as holidays, weather and other factors, can not guarantee the timeliness of service.

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