The sea Amoy goods is not genuine consumers to answer too difficult

diapers, milk powder, cosmetics, health care products…… More and more people choose in the cross-border electricity supplier platform Amoy foreign goods". However, with the cross-border electronic business platform more and more, more and more consumer goods, consumers questioned the voice of selling is also up, as consumers are very hope to have the authority to identify.


an industry insiders say, due to the particularity of cross-border commodities, commodity supply from multiple channels and batches, consumers can not only rely on different packaging is determined to be fake. But one thing is true, consumers buy goods difficult to direct cross-border, find manufacturers to verify, even some foreign companies with offices in Chinese, due to the procurement of goods supply and domestic stock supply different, may not be able to provide the corresponding validation service.

cross-border possession of cotton

red powder

last year, Mr. Chen’s child was born, he received a friend in the cross-border electronic business platform merchant to buy diapers, Kao M, a total of three. For a few days, the children appear red buttocks, and diapers often side leakage. Mr. Chen think diapers have a great suspicion, he began to pay attention to diapers.

"I took the other energy-saving with these detailed comparison, that really is not the same, the most obvious is that the suspected fake diaper elastic band is more narrow, and the elasticity is not good, a pull on the loose, so easy to leakage. In the past, the baby will be very full unless the size of the side leakage, but with these, almost every day to leak a few times." Mr. Chen found the source of the goods through the traceability code, but the company’s answer is: all the customs formalities, the legitimate purchase channels, will not be fake.

Mr. Chu admitted that the consumer experience more child abuse.

Zhu share consumer experience, on the net posts mentioned that he bought in a cross-border electricity supplier bullpen milk, did not expect foreign bodies like broken cotton appeared in milk powder.

yesterday, the reporter contacted mr.. He said, this is the second time to buy in this business, is the first time he bought the bullpen milk, his wife bought a jar of milk cow. To buy the first stockpile, over a month or so to eat it, eat two or three times. When the bubble milk powder in the milk cans, the family found a small piece of red stuff, which is very prominent in the milky white milk powder, the widest place about one centimeter. Looks like cotton wool, but feels very hard." But the supply chain to provide proof of innocence, to prove that milk is a regular product.

just from then on, I no longer dare to buy milk powder through cross-border electricity supplier platform." Mr. Zhu said that he is now looking for a friend back to Japan milk powder.

consumers difficult to identify the sea Amoy goods genuine

The electronic commerce research institute researcher Chinese

Yao Jianli introduced, they received the import of cross-border electricity consumer complaints are more focused on customer service, selling services, etc., complaints and selling business "

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